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What Are We?

The Carver 4-County Museum is an initiative of the George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Association (, a 501(c)3 corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 



The museum is a manifestation of the GWCRHSAA's mission to document, celebrate and share the educational, social, cultural and military history of students, faculty and administrators of George Washington Carver Regional High School, the FIRST and ONLY institution of secondary education in Virginia's four-county region of Culpeper, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock from 1948-68.  


Friday and Saturday, 11am - 4pm


The Museum, officially organized in 2016, is governed by a board of directors. It occupies the former library of the school where the County of Culpeper contributed more than $100,000 in renovations.  We hosted a Preview Opening for our alumni in October, 2018, and our Grand Opening was in February, 2019.  We are financially supported by grants and donations.  

Most Recent Celebration:

From October, 2022 through October, 2023, with tremendous community support, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the opening of our alma mater. 


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Since 2016 when we codified our decision to have a museum, we have produced two major exhibits yearly.  Click HERE for more information.


Archives & Artifacts

Beginning August, 2016, we have collected photographs, artifacts, documents, yearbooks, newspaper articles, genealogical and other information pertaining to the African American population of Culpeper, Orange, Madison and Rappahannock counties.  Visitors may view by appointment when we are able to reopen to the public safely.

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Totes & More

Supporting the Carver 4-County Museum is easy with the purchase of our own branded tote bag ($20).  In addition, we sell copies of African Americans of Culpeper, Orange, Madison, and Rappahannock Counties (special price of $10).  All proceeds benefit the Carver 4-County Museum.

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