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Firsts as Citizens was our first all-virtual exhibit, debuting in November, 2020, for election day.  There is exhibit history here.  In February, 2019, we had compiled and made a traveling exhibit of the first available voter registration lists of African American men in Culpeper, Madison, Rappahannock and Orange after the Civil War.  For Firsts as Citizens, we compiled the first WOMEN of color who registered In Culpeper for an exciting and heartfelt exhibit.  We also made this vital information available to the public (download at left).


Shown above is the voter registration record for Mrs. A. E. Thompson on October 2, 1920,  Notice that her husband, C. A. Thompson's name is also on the registry. (Their photograph is at left; courtesy Virginia State University Archives.) 

Mrs. Thompson is one of 16 women of color in Culpeper who registered.  See them all on our VIRTUAL EXHIBIT.

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