* a program of the George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Assn, Inc.

YES, the Carver 4-County Museum accepts donations throughout the year -- securely

through PayPal (see below), or mail your check

or money order directly to us (payable to

"Carver 4-County Museum"):

9432 James Madison Highway

Suite 102

Rapidan, VA  22733-1762

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In addition, this year we will have 

THREE major fundraisers:


-  GiveLocal Piedmont (April 19 - May 3, 2022)

-  Holiday Lights (end of November -

   December 31st)

-  Our 2023 Collectors Calendar available at

    the start of our Holiday Lights fundraiser. 

    Add it to your holiday GIFT GIVING.

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Contribute your time, stories, artifacts, contacts, and YES, dollars to

75 Coming

This is our fundraiser in support of the 75th anniversary of the opening of the George Washington Carver Regional High School (October 1948 - October 2023).  

Your donation pays for
The Carver Story.  Specifically . . . 

(1) research time and photocopies from the Library of Virginia in Richmond; school board offices, records rooms, libraries and historical societies throughout our four-county region;

(2) compiling that information into exhibit and book form for publication; and

(3) conducting oral histories;

(4) filming and editing footage for our documentary,
The Carver Story, which will debut in October, 2023 at the 75th Anniversary of the opening of the George Washington Carver Regional High School. 

just click the "Donate" button below.   
Thank you for every dollar.  


Museum Tote

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     Premium canvas tote (inside vinyl) has one outside pocket and two 3-1/4" wide internal pockets - large enough for your phone and ID.



13-1/4" wide x 12" tall x 6" deep

$20 + $6 USPS first class shipping/handling = $26

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Museum Benefit

Written by our curator, ONE HALF the cost of your purchase is donated to the museum.  

Original Price:  $21.99

On Sale NOW:  $15.00


ON SALE $15 + $7.50 USPS priority shipping/handling = $22.50

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