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Welcome to Portfolio 2

     When Women Use Their Power is our 10-month virtual exhibit featuring  the accomplishments of outstanding women who worked in the four-county region of Culpeper, Orange, Madison and Rappahannock.  Women were highlighted each month from March through December, 2021.  As each feature ended, the video was posted in this Portfolio.


FIRST (March): educator and public servant, Murcelle Allen Coleman                                                                                                          

SECOND (April): researcher and interpreter of Culpeper history, Angela Jeffers Chapman

THIRD (May):  proprietor of the Horseshoe Inn, Minnie E. Howard Butler

FOURTH (June):  foster mother, Ruth Dandridge Crenshaw Harris

FIFTH (July):  mother and daughter; mother, Mary S. East Dade, was a midwife; her daughter, Lorraine T. Dade Trumpler, was a community benevolence worker

SIXTH (August):  entrepreneur, restauranteur, philanthropist, Ruby M. Harrison Beck

SEVENTH (September): servant leader, author, Innkeeper for the Inn at Mount Vernon Farm, Lillian Y. Freeman Aylor

EIGHTH (October):  licensed practical nurse; 43-year professional for Culpeper Memorial Hospital, Marlene A. Glascoe Ware (on this page beginning December 1)

NINTH (November):  cook, culinary educator and author, Edna R. Lewis 

TENTH (December):  master pianist and choir director, Audrey A. Avery

Left: Download Press Release about the entire exhibit 


Enter the exhibit at right.

When it downloads and you open the file, the slide show will begin automatically.

Murcelle A. Coleman Exhibit

Angela Chapman.jpg

Enter the exhibit for Angela Chapman by clicking on the arrow.

Minnie-1 001.jpg

Enter the exhibit for Minnie H. Butler by clicking on the arrow.


Enter the exhibit for Ruth C. Harris by clicking on the arrow.

1-MarySEastDade-midwife pianist seamstress.jpg

Enter the exhibit for Mary E. Dade and Lorraine D. Trumpler by clicking on the arrow and unmuting the sound (lower right).


Enter the exhibit for Ruby H. Beck by clicking on the arrow and unmuting the sound (lower right).


Enter the exhibit for Lillian F. Aylor by clicking on the arrow.

5-MWare photo by AlanJohnson_edited.jpg

Enter the exhibit for Marlene G. Ware by clicking on the arrow.

edna-lewis by illustration artist jason seiler.png

Enter the exhibit for Edna R. Lewis by clicking on the arrow.


Enter the exhibit for Audrey A. Avery by clicking on the arrow.

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