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Lesia Bates Moss

Lillian Aylor

Robert Ritz

David Reuther

Laura DeBoer

Eileen Walsh

Brandi Warfield

Deborah Craggs

Sandi Kelly

John Davies

Pia J. Miller

Jane Bowling-Wilson

Charles R. Davis

Sharon Church

Eugene Triplett

Connie East

Patricia Johnson

Jeanne Bruton

James Greene

Megan Gallagher

John Beardsley

Jennings Hobson III

J. Clifford Miller

Nan Coppedge

The Harrell Group

Joe Daniel

Hortense Hinton-Jackson

Charles Jameson

William H. Lewis

Alan Johnson

Terry Miller



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Your generous donations will help us to do 3 things:

-  identify and verify community lay persons who advocated for GW Carver Regional High School to be established; 

-  write and publish the story; and 

-  record oral histories that will be part of our documentary, The Carver Story.

May 17, 2022

(also in the museum until June 22, 2022)

Courts, Faces, Feelings
The Culture War of Brown v. Board of Education

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New Exhibit:  ORIGINS and EVOLUTION 
 Who were the parents, grandparents and other lay people who
advocated for a high school for minority children?

View this one first for an overview of the exhibit
Saturday, June 25th

GWCRHS Homecoming Celebration
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Annual Meeting & Banquet
5 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Theme:  Sharing Our Stories
All activities at The Carver Center


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Now through October, 2023, our added research will lead to the 

 celebration of the


75th Anniversary

of the opening of

George Washington Carver Regional

High School



The Carver Story

in print and documentary

More information to come

in the weeks ahead

(This research is funded in part by the M. Meade Palmer and Culpeper Foundation grants of the

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation.)