The Carver 4-County Museum

9432 James Madison Highway, Suite 102, Rapidan, Culpeper County, VA

  From March through December of this year, the Carver 4-County Museum will feature the accomplishments of 10 outstanding women of color who impacted the counties of Culpeper, Orange, Rappahannock and/or Madison.

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Second feature:  April 1-30, 2021

When Women Use Their Power

Angela J. Chapman

Native of Culpeper, Virginia

  • Masterful researcher 

  • Document analyst 

  • Public historian

  • Developer, keeper and collaborator for archival memories

  • Storyteller

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10 Women * 10 Months

Standing and Speaking in Truth

One each from March through December

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     The Carver 4-County Museum will feature 10 notable women of color who were born and/or worked in the counties of Culpeper, Orange, Rappahannock and Madison.  Each serves as an example of determination, reinvention, generosity and grit - qualities that advanced their communities.  

     Each new exhibit begins on the FIRST of the month.  On the SECOND of the month, we will announce the next outstanding woman to be featured.  Can you GUESS which woman will be featured in May?  Look below. 


Coming May 1, 2021

Minnie Howard Butler

Rappahannock County, VA

Proprietor, The Horseshoe Inn in Sperryville

Angela J. Chapman